Mar 15

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Warning, Gen Y is coming

The Jewish Fedearations of North America concluded their Young Leadership conference this week in Dallas, Tx.  It is a time for the young leadership to come together, learn and return home with new ideas.  These often are people committed to giving back financially to organizations which match their priorities.  The past 2 years, they ran a similar conference called Tribefest which also focused on engaging less involved participants.  During one of the sessions it was clear that changes in the non-profit are coming and we need to prepare for them.

The session led by Will Schneider of the Slingshot Fund, took participants

Motivational Values Cards by 21/64

through an allocation process in 60 minutes.  The first step (like many allocation processes) was deciding on values and goals through which grant seekers, in this case organizations in their book, would be measured against.  Using Motivational values cards designed by 21/64 each participant was asked to select their top 3 values out of the deck of 25 and share them with their table.  The results to should have organizations paying attention.  At the table I was watching, all 10 participants selected “effective” as one of the top 3 values they expect an organization to meet.  As each table reported their decisions to the room, that same card came up over and over.

A new trend is beginning.  Technology allows donors to research organizations and share information about them easily and Generation Y are looking for one thing: IMPACT.  If you are currently wondering how to cultivate younger donors recognize their interest in impact and find ways to study it and reference it when speaking with them.

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