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Mar 15

Warning, Gen Y is coming

Motivational Values Cards by 21/64

The Jewish Fedearations of North America concluded their Young Leadership conference this week in Dallas, Tx.  It is a time for the young leadership to come together, learn and return home with new ideas.  These often are people committed to giving back financially to organizations which match their priorities.  The past 2 years, they ran …

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Feb 27

Infographics:SOTU Followup

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Anyone who has been asked to present information about data has probably experienced the challenge of easily communicating it to a group.  It is a basic educational topic but different people learn differently.  Some are auditory so your presentation will be absorbed but many others are visual or kinesthetic.  When you prepare for a presentation …

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Jan 09

OODA: Observe Orient Decide Act

In his January 5th column, Thomas Friedman uses the US Air Force as a case study for fiscal discussions currently occurring in Washington.  This same concept can also be applied to non-profits operation.  In his article, Friedman looks at the OODA Loop, a four step process that is ingrained in fighter pilots through training.  OODA …

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