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May 21

SocialMetrics: SumAll


As I have written before, tracking the impact social media has on your company is essential.  Social Media can help engage new clients/participants as well as maintain contact with your existing clients/participants.  However, because social media does not run on a 9-5 schedule it is important to find systems that will have you covered 24/7 …

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Feb 27

Infographics:SOTU Followup

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Anyone who has been asked to present information about data has probably experienced the challenge of easily communicating it to a group.  It is a basic educational topic but different people learn differently.  Some are auditory so your presentation will be absorbed but many others are visual or kinesthetic.  When you prepare for a presentation …

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Feb 14

State of the Union with Infographics

cropped - cyber security copy

This week, instead of writing a long post, I wanted to feature some infographics that the White House produced to accompany the State of the Union.  Even as a former political staff, I would often zone out during the hour plus speeches so the White House took the speech to the next level streaming additional …

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